Rockford City Market

Rockford City Market Goals

  • To provide a weekly ritual in downtown Rockford for residents and visitors to enjoy.
  • To promote the sale of locally grown or produced products.
  • To grow jobs and businesses by offering the opportunity for local entrepreneurs to test and refine their products, thereby encouraging business incubation or expansion of local businesses to downtown Rockford.
  • To provide an educational forum for patrons to learn the uses and benefits of quality, locally grown or prepared food products.
Sponsorship: Rock River Development Partnership, a 501(c) (3) organization,
PO Box 4244 Rockford, IL 61110

Location: Corner of Market St. and Water St. in downtown Rockford, IL

Time: Friday evenings, May 31-October 11, 2013 from 3:00pm - 8:00pm before Labor Day and 3:00pm - 7:00pm after Labor Day.

Products sold at the City Market

The Rockford City Market is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, locally grown and produced products available. Rockford City Market will not be bound to apply a particular set of selection criteria in every instance and reserves unconditional discretion to accept or refuse anyone as a vendor and will consider many factors when evaluating vendor applications. Vendors are selected through a committee approval process. Priority will be given to:
  • Local farmers and producers who bring product to the market that is 100% grown and harvested on farmland they own and/or operate.
  • Vendors who create high quality, unique or unusual items not already well represented at the Market.
  • Businesses with potential for growth into storefronts in local commercial districts, or products with the potential for commercialization.
  • Prepared food vendors with limited menus who offer foods made from fresh healthful ingredients. Approved menus must be adhered to unless preapproved by committee.
  • Vendors from the previous season whose continued

News and Accomplishments

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