About the Rock River Development Partnership

The Rock River Development Partnership brings together public and private leadership to envision, coordinate and execute a strategic action plan for Rockford's core that leads to a more vibrant city center and revitalized neighborhoods. We believe that our River and our People are our greatest assets and that we must offer the community a better connection to it and to one another.

The RRDP has partnered with LiveWorkLearnPlay to create a strategic implementable revitalization plan for our City's core. A healthy community begins with a revitalized and healthy City Center, and that leads to a phasing approach that eventually benefits all areas of the community. This is accomplished by identifying a phase 1 "focus area" in the City Center. Concentrating attention and resources in this area will increase the likelihood of success. Success in this key focus area will spur redevelopment in other areas of the city. Click here to see the map of the Phase 1 focus area.

Our goal is to leverage our many physical and organizational assets to create a more vibrant and viable community. Our strategy is to create connections between amenities, destinations and key public spaces in Rockford. We will strive to develop commercial density to enrich and expand Rockford's existing offerings that will bring pedestrian traffic,economic growth and desirable experiences. We have an interest in developing our riverfront, creating a walkable community, rituals and pride, gathering places, and celebrating our history and diversity.

The RRDP received initial funding from the Rockford Area Economic Development Council, the Rockford Housing Authority, the Chicago Rockford International Airport, and the Rockford Local Development Corporation. Special thanks to those organizations for their leadership and commitment.

Rock River Development Partnership Board

Chairman, Peter J. Provenzano, President & CEO
SupplyCore Inc

Douglas J. Brooks, Vice President Campus Development
Rockford Health System

Thomas D. Budd, President
Rockford Bank & Trust

LoRayne Logan, President
Workplace Staffing

Douglas Mark
Paper Recovery Service Corporation

Catherine McDermott
Rock River Development Partnership

Scott Provancher, President
Arts & Science Council, Charlotte, NC

Paul Sletten, owner

RRDP Initiatives

The RRDP is actively developing core initiatives to spur redevelopment and growth.

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News and Accomplishments

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